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January: Garnet

January birthstone jewellery is mostly made of garnet. Garnet is the very nice red stone pictured below. Garnet is thought to help with prosperity.

February: Amethyst

February birthstone jewellery usually features purple amethyst as that is both the modern and the traditional February birthstone. Amethyst is said to be helpful in increasing ones wisdom and intelligence.

March: Aquamarine

March birthstone jewellery is most often made of Aquamarine though there are many birthstone choices for March. Aquamarine is said to symbolize happiness and understanding.

April: Diamond

April birthstone jewellery is traditionally made with diamonds or synthetic diamonds. Diamonds symbolize purity, eternal love and faith

May: Emerald

May birthstone jewellery is usually made with emeralds. Emerald symbolizes fidelity and goodness

June: Pearl

June Birthstone jewellery is generally made of beautiful pearls while June birthstone rings are often Alexandrite. Pearls are a symbol of beauty and chastity.

July: Ruby

July birthstone jewellery is commonly made with rubies. Rubies stand for love, devotion and good health.

August: Peridot

August birthstone jewellery is usually made with Peridot despite the fact that the traditional august birthstone is Sardonyx. Peridot symbolizes dignity and success.

September: Sapphire

September birthstone jewellery is commonly seen with sapphires. Sapphire symbolizes prosperity and sincerity.

October: Opal

October birthstone jewellery is usually made of opals though tourmaline is also commonly available. Opal symbolizes beauty and happiness

November: Citrine

November birthstone jewellery is commonly made of citrine though you can also find it being made of yellow topaz. Citrine is thought to stand for cheerfulness, hope and youth.

December: Blue Topaz

December birthstone jewellery is generally made of Blue Topaz. Blue Topaz supposedly will give us strength.

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